Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Supremacy of the Islamic Male

Islam teaches that its male is superior to his female, but it also teaches the Islamic male's supremacy over all non Islamic men and women. 

Psychologically, this is instilled through repetition and domestic violence against the mother of the child; a powerful combination that sets the personality in stone.  

Europe's elite have their own supremacy ideology, messianic in that its elite believe its narrative that says it is god; unlimited wealth and unlimited wisdom, displacing its Christian heritage.  In practice, this meant it would look upon the "third world" of the Middle East, portions of Asia and Africa, and invite them to come and dine at its table. 

Europe said the barbaric hordes would come in, see the Mercedes Benz in the driveway, assimilate quickly, and repopulate the shrinking advanced continent, no longer with national identities.  The ideology of Islam would quickly crumble before the British pound, German mark, and French frank, and later, at the lure of the euro.  Industrialists were told that they would have endless cheap labor and any welfare costs would be offset by the infusion in the workplace.  The European, so superior, who might lose his job due to the migration of Islamists, would just have to adjust, and even bear the brunt of the initial welfare state for, after all, European wealth has no limit. 

In its limitless wealth, its limitless wisdom told its people that no culture, itself, is 'good' but a mixture of cultures, without discrimination or thought, is its utopia.  

We all know how this has worked out. 

Since the 1970's, Islamic immigration has led to a steady increase in crime, a steady increase in welfare, a drain on social agencies due to koranic domestic violence and close marital relations with child defects.  

Islamic culture, itself immune to change via the death penalty, stood its ground.  The Islamist gladly took the "kaffir", or infidel money, as prescribed in Islam as the "jizrah" or protection money.  You give them money and they let you live.  Europe scoffed at such brutal ancient nonsense, but paid up, just the same. 

Just as the 80's turned into the 90's, and the 90's to the 2000's, the elite looked upon the failure:  the 2nd and 3rd generation welfare dependence, the refusal to integrate, the no -go zones and the violence, and publicly declared it to be...

an amazing success!

The former communist propagandist Angela Merkel, thus threw open the doors of Europe itself, and promised free money to all who would come, and come they did.  

She controlled the media, so that the world did not know how severely violent Europe had become, and how Islamic rape of the kaffur European woman, had become epidemic.  They taxed their own citizens and in came the "widow and orphan war refugees" looking for safety. 

Even blocked internet access could not stop the iPhone revolution where citizens took their own videos and sent them out to the world to see:  there are few, if any, "widows and orphans", instead, an invading army of supremacist Islamic males, and they are raping, looting, killing and...

defecating on us. 

Europe reacted as predicted:  They affirmed Islamic supremacy. 

Please don't rape our women. 

Please don't defecate in our pools. 

This is how we do it.  

This presupposed the Islamic hordes didn't know that toilets were operable and preferable in Western thinking. 

When an Islamic male raped, or sexually assaulted, he was rarely arrested, and if so, given a slap on the wrist.  In the UK, an entire sex slavery ring for pedophiles imitating Mohammad was left in full operation, as UK police bowed before the supremacist Islamic male, not daring to effect an arrest. 

The Islamist is defecating on Europe to tell them of just how superior he is to Europe and Europe's reaction to all of this has had a singular impact upon the now millions of Islamic males wreaking hell upon Europe:

it affirmed his supremacy.  

We can rape, without consequence. 

We can make armed French police run. 

We can rape little boys and there is nothing you can do to stop us.  

Europe responded with tearing down more churches and building more mosques so the supremacist criminal sexually violent ideology can be taught. 

Europe responded with teaching Islam in their schools.  

Europe responded with Sharia compliance:  media would stop any criticism of Islam, and in public, fines and even imprisonment would be realized, if a European criticizes Islam. 


Europe has taken the role of Dhimmi, one of humiliation and submission, permitted to exist only by the 'protection money' from the mafia of Islam. 

She even calls the young males of Islam "children", even though they are young males who have lied about their age, so as to reduce sentences when the public outcry demands an arrest.  

Europe will do anything and everything to pacify the supremacist and in doing so, is testifying:

The Islamic male is our superior.  

Thank you for not blowing us up.   When you do blow us up, we will tell the people it wasn't you who did it and we had it coming, anyway, from colonial days or a war from 1,000 years ago.  

We will even call the freedom fighters public names:  "racist, right wing, xenophobe, islamophobe, traitor, hateful, irrational" and threaten their freedom. 

We will block internet that tells the truth about Islam.  

What else can we do to bow to you?

here is wisdom:  Stop a racist with a magic hitler salute of the arm!  

I thought the video was a joke; it is not.  

Stay tuned.  Each day brings a new story of Islamic supremacy violence, and European dhimmitude.  

Monday, January 18, 2016

Stop Calling Obama "Feckless"

Conservative pundits should stop Calling Barak Hussein Obama "feckless" and "without direction", or even "leaderless" as each event unfolds in which America is humiliated before the eyes of the world; he is purposeful in all that he does. 

In Benghazi, the stand down order was to affirm Islamic supremacy over America just as he has allowed Iran's Islamic supremacy to capture two American ships and 10 sailors.  Iran, the number one exporter of Islamic terror, is now 200 billion dollars richer, thanks to Obama, and are on pace to develop nuclear weapons, even as Obama continues his covert war on Israel. 

His hatred of Israel is deeply embedded in his childhood Islamic upbringing, and is as pathological in its origins as is the hatred that Muslims worldwide hold for Jews.  It is "Koran 101", and has 1400 years of fury built within.  Obama's plan is to undermine all Israeli defense until the yield Jerusalem, not to "Palestinian" rule, but to Islamic supremacy. 

He says that we are not a nation that judges immigrants by religion while he takes in 98% Muslim Syrians with the token  2% Christian. 

He has place Imans on federal payroll, throughout the country in both prisons and military institutions.  

He has wiped "Islam" from "islamic terror" training manuals throughout federal law enforcement agencies.  He has federal law enforcement heads tweet about the Koran as if they were reading the Bible or Shakespeare.  

His policy of Islamic supremacy is deliberate, predictable and concise.  It is anything but directionless.  

He releases Islamic terrorists and emboldens Islamic terrorists to take hostages, knowing it will pay off.  Whereas the world longs for a Ronald Reagan to come and bomb America's enemies to the point where we are safe, he drops food and weapons on ISIS, destroyed Libya's blocking of Islamic migration to Europe, and consistently and boldly lies to further the cause of Islam.  These lies are not lies of omission, nor of passivity, but are direct and pointed fabrications of reality. 

He is anything but feckless and each step he has taken has shown not simply disdain for the US Constitution or the laws of the land, but have been in submission to Islamic purpose.  

He has brought not just change to America, but to the world.  We may have just experienced the most dangerous 7 year period for religious persecution of Christians in the middle east than we have in centuries, as he has emboldened Islamic supremacists everywhere.  

Creeping Sharia has brought acceptance of Muslim holidays; celebrating with school days off, the most dangerous criminal and sexual ideology the world has ever known.  

The socialism he has brought to the United States, as well as the acute racial divide, is nothing compared to the creeping sharia he has facilitated.  

Who will be left to deal with Islamic supremacy armed with nuclear weapons as he leaves office?

2017 cannot arrive fast enough for those who still have hope that the United States of America can recover from the "change" Barak Hussein Obama's Islamic tyranny has brought to the world.  

Friday, January 15, 2016

5 Reasons Europe Will Become Islamic

1.  Scarring Needed for Resolve

2.  Post Christian Vaccuum

3.  Invisible Weapon

4.  Emasculated Society

5.  Creeping Sharia

1.  Scars

The number one reason why Europe will be given over to Islam is that it takes scarring to make change.

Scarring from war, poverty and pain produces changes and is the greatest wake up call known to man.

It takes pain to motivate.

In the 1960's, Americans stopped spanking their children, and began to reason with its 3 year olds.  What did this accomplish?

It filled its prisons and made prison technology a major growth industry.

Just as discipline is necessary in learning, so it is that hardship awakens the soul and brings action.

When 100 people are killed in an "Allah Akbar" attack, the immediate response of politicians and media is to call for peace for Muslims, rather than express rage against the ideology that produced the attack.

Islam, as an ideology, is first and foremost, a sexually violent supremacist ideology; that is:  The male followers believe themselves to be superior to all other mankind; first, they are superior to their own women, and then they are superior to all "infidel"; that is, all others.

The elected officials all quickly move from the killing to concern for Muslim rights, as the dead are quickly forgotten and life returns to normal.  Some politicians respond, like Merkel (and Obama) by importing even more Muslims.  For Obama, this is understandable, as he is a Muslim, but what of Merkel?

It takes deep scars on the backs of people to make change.   It is going to take a lot more dead to awaken the citizens.

Consider the Jews.

After the holocaust, the next generation of Jews, and their children, fled back to reclaim their homeland, and fought like devils to protect it. "Never forget!" was their battle cry and they produced a fiercely brave and loyal military and a second-to-none internal security and intelligence agency, the Mossad.


Jewish groups make money off running migrant services and even in Israel the self loathing has emboldened the Palestinian murderers to have field days with Israeli citizens.

The scars have healed and they have forgotten.

This is human nature.

After 9/11, instead of studying our enemy, George W. Bush said, "terrorists have hijacked a peaceful religion", as he bowed before the oil industry and lied to us. 

Who could have guessed how much worse it would get?

America elected its first Muslim president who has imported millions of Muslims and has placed Muslims in federal jobs at every level, from internal security down to federal prison hiring of Imans, all to teach Islamic supremacy to the point where a high ranking FBI official can tweet about reading the "American values in the Koran." He went on to emasculate the US military and then hand over the nuclear bomb to Iran, while enriching her ability to export terror many fold beyond what it has already done.  

We have not suffered enough.  9/11 came and went.  

Suffering produces change.  

The Germany that produced Hitler was a broken and tattered Germany. She was exploited in war reparations to the point of pain where she was ripe for a dictator to come in and restore national pride.  

Today's Germany is wealthy, lazy and not sure if one is either a male or female.

Today's generation has not experienced the scars of war, nor the deprivations that accompany war.  Our grandparents lived through the Great Depression and two world wars and lived the Protestant Work ethic.  Today, the United States has come up with more ways to call people "disabled" to the tune of having more people on disability than some nations have in population.

Europe's work ethic has led to...


Her wealth has her fighting to see who retires the youngest and having run out of workers, thinks that the supremacist uneducated and inbred low IQ'd Mohammedan is going to generously provide for her retirement.  

Those who lived through the Great Depression did not throw out food and believed in hard work.  The scars reminded them that life was fragile and supermarkets may not always be filled with food so they were thankful for what they had and worked hard for it, entitled to nothing but a chance.  

Those who lived through World War II, knew the horrors of war, which are long forgotten by today's generation as they watch migrants on TV crying for money, having to pull the iPod earphones out to make a statement.

As America watches the Islamization of Europe, it continues to yawn at each new Allahu Akbar.  It will take many more dead to awaken America, just as it may take a generation of Europeans living under the black cloud of Sharia, to awaken them.  

2.  Post Christian Vacuum

Europe embraced Christianity and experienced the mighty Reformation and prospered from distinctly Christian teaching of right from wrong, "do unto others" and the Sermon on the Mount.  This produced a safe society, whereas lands that embraced or work overrun by Islam (though tolerance) produced the 3rd world horror of brutality, lack of human rights, and the overall hinderance of progress.

Strauss and Beethoven in Europe while Islamic nations stayed entrenched in the dark ages, killing each other in spectacular manner.  

Europe prospered from Christian ideology and now has abandoned it and its people are ripe for the strong demarcation ideology of Islam.

Women Rights organizations remain silent as Islam brutalizes women.
Homosexual Rights organizations complained that Christians were "hateful" for saying "thou shalt not" but are silent as Islam executes homosexuals by brutal means. European homosexuals will long for the good old days where the worst they could expect was to hear a Christian call them to repent, when they are thrown off buildings and stoned. 

Politicians ignore the approximately 300 dead by Islam, each week, across the world, while saying that Global Warming is "the most dangerous threat" known to mankind.
The Pope ignores the slaughter of Christians in the mid east, while embracing Marxism and the Global Warming agenda.

Europeans no longer discern right from wrong, which, like America, includes not knowing if one is a boy or a girl, and, for most, it matters not.

By turning its back on the freedom ideology that brought it property, it has left itself vulnerable to the rigid intolerant ideology of Islam.

Since they cannot tell right from wrong, it will now be told for them.

Even atheists recognize that living next door to someone who was taught to "love thy neighbor" is a lot safer than living next door to someone who is taught to kill those who criticize Islam.

"There are no atheists in foxholes" is a general concept that has been repeated throughout history.  When war hurts, people return to church.  When peace comes and it is followed with prosperity, the people forget, and the churches empty and the country's leaders fight to fund Planned Parenthood's butchery of selling body parts, while refusing to fight Islam.  Europe remains a few years ahead of the US.

3.  Invisible Weapon.

European men cannot defend their women from Islamic rape because they fear being called a "racist."

It is not the AK-47, nor even the fierce countenance of the bearded barbarian invaders that they fear.  They fear name calling.  It cripples them.  This is the emasculated culture.

The "egalitarian" laws are not equal, they discriminate against men in the bizarre attempt to "make a level playing field", while ignoring nature itself.  The men do not even know what a man is, what masculinity looks like, and know that if they speak out, they risk anything from cultural ostracizing to fines and imprisonment.

They do not have the courage to state what the Koran, itself, states.

Women politicians vote for laws that "feel good", emotionally, but do not do good for society.  In Germany, "Mama Merkel" exercised the maternal instinct to "take them all in" and "we can make it work" as her mantra.  If someone disagreed with her?

He suffers from moral inferiority (hatred) and from mental illness (phobia, or irrational fear of foreigners and Islam) and was silenced.

Media conspired with Merkel in ways not seen since Josef Goebbels.

The emotionalism and "feelings" dictated society, run by women, has now failed to protect women.  They aim water cannons at their own people, while releasing Islamic rapists. In the UK, how many thousands of children were raped in imitation of Mohammad, due to UK men fear being called racist?

This is a powerful and invisible weapon that is like an invisible laser light barrier that is utterly harmless, yet the inhabitants do not dare cross it.

4.  Wealth and Jizrah

Playing God has its costs.

European elite believe that they can remake the world and that they are the world's "messiah", claiming divinity like attributes, including being not only all knowing, but they claim to be all wealthy, too.

The massive migration from Africa and the Middle East by Islamic supremacists is unarmed but financed by the Europeans.

They are fulfilling the Islamic belief of their own inferiority by offering free money to the Islamist just to migrate.

Yes, they lied as did Obama, telling us that "mothers and orphans" were "fleeing war", while we saw that 90% or more were male of fighting age, instead.

Mama Merkel said that the migrants were "engineers and doctors", while stifling reports from schools that said the migrants are illiterate, and sub IQ, borderline mentally retarded.  This means low impulse control combining with the religious reward of rape to endanger women throughout Europe.

Europe believes itself so mighty that a rapist will move in, and quickly undo 1400 years of belief, just by partaking in Sweden or Germany's "glory" and wealth.

Since the 1960's, Islamic supremacists have migrated to these countries and still have not integrated. 

The United States insisted on integration.  English was taught and welfare eschewed in exchange for its Protestant work ethic, which immigrants quickly embraced and learned how good life can be when one is free to get by from hard work.

As America ripped black communities with welfare, so it is that Europe, also playing God, has awarded polygamous Islamic men with separate welfare, wink-wink, for each "wife" and children.

First, Europe told its people that they would all die due to overpopulation, and now they tell their people they will die without Muslim men breeding with them.

Who is the racist?

As it is insulting for the Islamic supremacist to work for the infidel (even worse, for working for a woman), some areas have up to 80% of Islamic males on welfare and some communities having 100% of Islamic women on welfare.  

5.  Creeping Sharia 

Due to European ego and its toleration of everything that is opposed to its Christian roots, Sharia has steadily made its progress as each "Muslim complaint" has been answered by European abdication of responsibility as they have handed over their freedoms, their schools, their laws, and their streets, with entire neighborhoods fully under Islamic rule.

It happened little by little.

Islamic supremacists do not remove Islamic symbols in order to not offend Jews.
Churches removed symbols, however, to not offend Muslims.
Restaurants and schools stopped serving ham so as not to offend Muslims.

There are now entire communities that are all but ceded to Islamic rule, with the only last vestige of European influence being...

the Europeans are still financially supporting them. 

With entire communities completely outside the scope of European law, the "no go zones", meaning, no Europeans dare enter, including police, the only "entry" into the no go zones is the money from the tax paying Europeans.  

They are still shipping in money.  

Sweden has become the rape capital of the West with its statistic of "1 of 4" Swedish women being raped by a Muslim. 

I do not believe it. 

With each new revelation from a patriot from inside of Sweden, we learn of new cover ups, and more damage done to statistics, and more women that have been raped.  Considering that we have concluded 1 of 4 through the haze of deception, might it be even closer to 1 in 3?

Sharia, or the creeping influence, has very different justice for a woman than a man and it is this ideology that is taught to young boys, while witnessing their own mothers beaten, and the sexual assault goes from the rape of the uncovered "whore" in Europe, right up to the ultimate "religious" belief of rape in the afterlife of 70 virgins. 

Everything about Islam is shaped around sexual assault, from the example of the pedophile murderous Mohammad as the "perfect" man, to the eternal reward of rape.  

Swedish courts have responded much like the female mayor of Cologne in victim blaming. 

Women Rights or Feminists remain strangely silent. 

With each tiny compromise, Europe has learned that the Muslim complaint is never arrested:  it grows and grows.  They threaten violence over anything from an Islamic holiday to demands for prayer and when the demands are met, they have more.  

They are never satisfied. 

This is deeply embedded in the pyschology of Islamic supremacy and explains why when a nation is finally overrun by Islam and 100% Islamic, the violence continues. 

To be supreme in a life of equalities, the only explanation a Muslim can make is that he has been cheated.  

If his Muslim neighbor has more than he does, it must be exploitation, therefore, violence is the only answer.  

Two female suicide bombers blow up a rival mosque, killing 10.  When there are no infidels, they go after each other.  Thus the psychological outworking of supremacist ideology.  

These are the top five reasons why Europe will turn Islamic.  I have not even touched upon what many consider the number one reason:  demographics. 

The demographics' debate is not if Muslims will outnumber native Europeans, but among dating:  each new expert brings in the dating process. 

For example, those that felt that by 2070 Germany would be 51% Islamic have, by and large, moved the date to 2050, but then in 2015, with more than 1.1 million new migrants, with most male between 16 and 35, and the obvious lies of the German government, the demographics is difficult to predict. 

In 2015, even if we reduce the number to the 'official' count of 1 million, there is still family reunification to take place.  

Then we have the 1.2 number of children by native Germans versus the large families of Muslims, (excluding polygamy) and...

2050 has been updated, too. 

2020 is just 4 years away and with reunification of families, and the continued expectation of migration, including the estimates of 10-20 million North Africans said to be "fleeing global warming"...and then take the historical estimates of what happens when Islamists reach x percentage of the population and we have...

an nation in dhimmitude.  

Belgium appears to be the first European nation that will cede sovereign territory officially to the Islamic caliphate.  It has done so "de facto" already, so an official announcement will be insisted, though the "jizrah", called "Welfare" by the West, will have to continue.  

Expect Iran's extreme wealth to arm the "no go" Islamic zones. 

*What can change this horrible pattern?

*What can unite the European and fill him with resolve to fight back, in desperate civil war against the invaders he, himself, invited in and paid for?

We would have to see the likes of Martin Luther in Germany, Calvin in Geneva, and latter day George Whitfields in the United Kingdom, boldly declaring a return to the very ideology that made Europe into the greatness that gave birth to America.   We would have to see a return to freedom that Christianity brought to Europe, dragging it from the Dark Ages to the Reformation and the high culture and work ethic that made it shine.  

What would it take to get the people to hear the Luthers and Calvins of their generation?


The real question is:  How long must they toil in the humiliation and degradation of dhimmitude before they awaken and cry out for deliverance?

This remains to be seen.  

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Islam's Invisible Weapon in Europe

In Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and France, Islamic supremacists took to the streets to sexual abuse the "kaffur" women of Europe.  

In Cologne, "thousands" of Islamic males sexually assaulted hundreds of women (to date, more than 650 formal complaints filed) with the German police response of 153 officers. 

When the story finally broke, a peaceful protest was organized and the same police responded with 1500 officers to fire water cannons against their own people, while literally standing down during the New Year's Eve sexual assault-fest. 

What is going on here?

Islam has a secret but powerful weapon that has many Americans puzzled.  

It is not numerical superiority.  

It is not a disparate sophistication. 

It is not an enemy with a superior intellect; in fact, many Islamic men have sub average IQ's due to hundreds of years of close first cousin marriages. 

What is the secret Islamic weapon that has such power that it keeps the German men from protecting their women and children?

It is a secret, steal, invisible weapon that paralyzes the defenders into retreat or inaction.  

Bare Naked Islam showed a video that highlighted this invisible weapon that is nullifying all defensive efforts on the part of European men. 

What keeps European men from protecting their wives and daughters?

What are they so afraid of?

It turns out that it is not being outnumbered, which is scary enough, or sophisticated enemy tactics, but it is this:

European men fear being called a name. 


For those of us who grew up with "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me", you will struggle to consider that Europe has become paralyzed by a phobia of being called a name. 



Can you imagine the German underground fearful of fighting back against the Nazi regime not because of weaponry, or concentration camps, but due to being called a name?


The fear of being called a name has paralyzed Europe.  

If one runs from name calling, how will he stand up against a supremacist sexually violent ideology that is filled with resolve, weaponry, and a fanaticism that is 1400 years old?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Post Christian Era

In today's post-Christian world, the very western society that was built up from Christianity as become empty, vain and wealthy.

It no longer believes in marriage, children, or even gender.

It destroys its own seed, for profit, and without any strong mores of which to guide it, it is without will nor strength to withstand Islam's rigidity.

While homosexuals are executed by Islamic supremacists, they will long for the day when Christianity's peaceful opposition was all they faced.

Women will long for the day when they were easily defined as women, and loved their own husbands and children and homes.

Men will work for their Islamic masters relegated to Dhimmitude and subjugation.  The "delicate snow flake" college men who's feelings had so been hurt, will rue the day of their neutering as they cowed before feminism and rushed to find a 'safe place' to cry.

Resistance movements will be small, as Christians may seek to move near one another, while evangelicalism with its 'personal relationship with Jesus' emphasis upon feelings, will be quickly wiped under the feet of the Islamist brute, with his low IQ, lack of impulse control, and his demand for explosive destruction.

Orthodox Christianity will be the mainstay of the resistance where Christ is reverenced, and prayer for strength of hands is heard, with the echo of yesteryears "Christ is King!" is heard in their gatherings, with covenantal focus, as the self-centered weakness of post Christian evangelicalism is drowned out by the cries of "Allahuh Akbar!" and the Friday prayers.

There is likely to be some hinderance to this downward spiral, with moments of hope before the blackness encompasses the once shining beacon.

Hope though dim, will draw from God's mercy on the few directed to flee Sodom.

Like in ancient times, the demand to rejoice will be to the persecuted; the treasure and choice elect.

She had voted in her first Muslim president, unconcerned about the ideology and the devotion which would show itself in the Islamization of the government offices, the investigative communities, and the prisons, where Imams were placed to bring Islam to those of most unrestrained nature.

The Islamic countries became wealthy as the Americans looked the other way as the ancient churches in the Middle East were torn down, the people murdered or enslaved, while Europe and her American step child bickered over the globe's temperatures.

The rot was deep and insipid.

From the body parts of their own seed sold for profit, to the self congratulatory declaration of being freed from nature itself, education itself became driven to slow madness, as Europe led the way.

Here there was no Islamic invasion of military might of which to countenance the ferocity of Islamic submission, it was, quite rather, the madness of the political elite who in promising the utopian society of brotherly love, tore down their own gates, and met the Islamic army peacefully, offering its Jizrah freely from the wealth of its people.

The Jizrah was accepted by millions and millions of young militant men who went on to their rightful koranic claim of 'the right hand', hence the rape epidemic of Europe began which to the Islamic supremacist, further confirmed what they had been told from childhood:  the kaffir was theirs because it was inferior to them.

What remained of Christian churches quickly showed their submission symbolically, by taking down their crosses, and literally by opening its doors for destruction.

Christ, so they said, had thus changed, and the people, unprepared to resist, agreed.  They changed the invisible Image of God into a visible, hideously emasculated sight of a weeping cowering god, confused, beggarly and impotent, proving, yet again in history, why the ancient prohibition was declared, as they formed their god into their own likeness.

How does one raise an army of brave men to fight, hand to hand and house to house, if necessary, when one cannot discern if the soldier is a man in a dress, or a woman?

How does one have the moral authority to stand up to the death tyranny when it cheers the slaughter of its own children?

How does one know what is right from what is wrong when the ancient landmark has been moved?

Barak Obama has not been the feckless meandering leaderless commander in chief that he is portrayed as being.

He has been a steadfast, clever, shrewd Islamist who has brought death to thousands and who's work on behalf of Islam may result in the deaths of millions to come, as he not only has armed the Islamists of Iran, but has enriched them to near dizzying heights of wealth where if we thought they were successful exporters of terror, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

The future is difficult to predict in the short term, but the long term trend says that we have a very dark road ahead of us. I hope for a change.

There could be various positives that arise, but they are surface only, and do not go to the core.  This slide has been multi-generational and Barak Obama is only the result of the early Marxism that our country welcomed due to the Great Depression, though the departure from the freedoms first embraced goes back much further.  The decline in earnest began with FDR and Obama is only the latest move.

Even if this progression were dealt a set back, a la Donald Trump's bold stance against self destruction and political correctness, he is not a moral man, nor one who understands the very purpose of government.  As president, would he stand up to all of Europe, and the business and financial pressure they will bring to bear on him?

Would he have the nerve that Obama showed to deny media access to the White House for disagreeing with him?

Would he be able to convince congress to get government out of the peoples' lives, beginning with healthcare, when the people have grown so utterly dependent upon government not only providing for them but making their decisions for them, in everything from child raising to healthcare and retirement?

At best, this would be only a slight delay in the downward spiral; a short time of relief from encroaching Sharia and the self loathing of leftism.

This is not to ever hoist the white flag of surrender, but a call to sober-mindedness and a realization of what it was that got us here.

Once Christianity's influence hovered over the entire nation and the cultural wrongs that existed slowly came under its influence for the good, but as we became wealthy, we became arrogant.  The more wealth we accumulated, the more we thought, 'our hands have done us so", which lulled us to letting the government tax us, more and more and more, until it, itself, became so wealthy that it said,

"I am god. I am limitless in wealth.  I will care for my people from cradle to grave..." which was, and is, the religion of the day, "Statism."

Take this personally and what do you have?

Angela Merkel.

"I will take them all!" she said in the first of several shocking statements.

When her country was overrun with Islamic crime and she began to lose control over media's squelching of the violence, her own party turned against her.

What did she then say?

Germany had scarcely been rebuilt from its prior destruction when it imported its own destruction.

With her hand firmly in the cookie jar, face reddened in guilt, she issued no 'mea culpa' but further shocked the world as she reiterated:

"Mama Merkel will take them all!"

The call to the Islamic world was heard and they came by the millions.  Obama covered for her and called them "widows and orphans" but citizen videos told us that up to 90% of them were young males.

Mama Merkel told them, "Come.  Come and breed for us, for our males are impotent.  We shall pay you."

And come, they did.

The German people did not sing the ancient hymns in Luther's footsteps.

It was the Islamists who sang, as they marched in.

The German people applauded them even while an interpreter whispered to them,

"They are signing about destroying you in jihad."