Saturday, October 31, 2015

Islamic Misundertandings

The ideology has such deep contempt for women that an injured male, in pain, may refuse medical intervention if it comes from a woman.

When migrants demanded Europeans stop giving them food and clothing but give "us our money" instead, they also complained about the food.  It was beneath them.

They said it was not good enough for them;
It was not good enough to even give a dog, but was so poor that it was only sufficient for a woman. Islamic supremacists despise dogs, and consider black dogs to be demonic, which is why they often poison them, or Islamic taxi drivers refuse to pick up people with service dogs, such as the blind.

It is difficult for us in the West to grasp the ideology of Islam, as we think it is a religion mostly, rather than what it is:

a political, social and religious contagion that directs its adherents to commit violence (including death) against anyone who criticizes it, disagrees with it, leaves it, or does not obey it.  The directives are accompanied by specific descriptions to make the violence "spectacular" so that it remains etched upon the memory of all those who criticize or disobey it.  This is why we have videos of homosexual males thrown off roofs, Christians crucified, or Jews beheaded with a small knife.  When we have Islamic rape, this too, is often "spectacular" in its display of cruelty, with acute injuries inflicted upon its victim.  Like violence, this rape is in Islam taught by precept and precedent; by actual Koranic teaching, and by the example of Mohammad, the "perfect man" who made non Islamic women "open game" to Islamic men.  As to the religious nature of this, "paradise" for the Islamic man is a list of virgins to be deflowered by them.  This does not speak of intimacy, gentleness or loyalty, but of subjugation, penetration and intrusion.

In the above photo, the women in the blue shirt was sexually assaulted and when she did not receive justice, she went to media, only to be asked if she thought he "asked for" the sexual assault by her "provocative dress."

In Germany, with the anticipated 1.5 million Islamic supremacists admitted (with 70% to 90% male, aged 18-35), one school instructed Germany's girls to "cover up" lest when the Islamic supremacist male sees them, a "misunderstanding" occur.

A "misunderstanding' is to express "Islamic rape" in a much softer term.

It is not to "minimize" rape; it is deception via change of language.  A misunderstanding is when two or more thoughts do not correlate.  Rape is a vicious sexual and violent crime against a woman that specifically targets the most delicate part of her body.  There is no "misunderstanding" within rape.

A rape not only endangers the woman's life immediately, but has devastating life long consequences.  I have touched upon this in depth here.

The outright hatred of women, to the point of "don't touch me!" element, adds to both fear and contempt towards women which leads to a host of sexual problems; not the least is the violence within rape.

As Europe continues to deny, minimize and outright deceive its citizens, it will only embolden those who are "serious" and "devout" about their faith.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Attention European Readers

European Readers:

As others have done, we too would like to hear your stories. 

Islam is a supremacist ideology that is a contagion against freedom.  It cannot exist within a democracy and some of the European imams have been bolder in stating plainly that 

'Democracy is the will of the people; Sharia is the will of Allah' and the two do not mix.

Psychologically, Islam teaches that its followers are superior to infidels (and superior to women) which must always lead to violence, whenever the "kaffir" or infidel shows success.  The success of a non follower of Islam is an affront to Allah and to the Koran, disproving the assertions of Mohammad, therefore, the destruction of architecture, culture and civilization.  

The supremacist must explain his inferiority and the only explanation he has is that he must have been defrauded, which creates the powerful victim status that unites them in rage against the free world.

What have you seen?

What have you experienced?

Please share your stories with us for compilation as they stand as a warning to us, especially with the indiscriminate and disengaging "multiculturalism" that is currently tyrannizing the world today, as the third world rushes to the West, claiming its superiority and demanding "restitution" of perceived wrongs of the past, including more than 1,000 years ago, as a way of explaining their failed theocratic existence.  

Post them in the comments section, or email them directly.

Let us hear from you! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Will Be Europe's First Islamic State?

Which Country will be the first to cede sovereign territory to Islamic supremacists?

Sweden, with Malmo?
France, with Marseille?
England, with Rotherham?


Will 'Mama Merkel' lead by example, or demand someone else do it?

What do you think?  

Islamic supremacy, by its nature, must lead to violence.  They are raised to violence, by both precept (teaching) and precedent (example) from the earliest of ages, with families that are, on average, almost three times as large as the European family. 

Historically, even Muslim populations as low as 1% means "Muslim dissatisfaction" or complaints.  With supremacist ideology, any success by anyone other than a Muslim can only be explained by the Muslim as being "fraudulent", that is, until the population gets to 100% Muslim. 
At this point, they simply take the inequalities within creation and turn on each other. 

As the Muslim population has been steadily rising in Europe since the 1960's, the past few years (since 2012)  has seen a major upturn, and the last few months, the increase of Islamic immigration has been so acute, that host governments have lied about the numbers.  While Germany acknowledged 800,000 migrants publicly, leaked documents showed government estimates for 2015 to actual be 1.5 million.  Given the nature of denial in Europe, not only does 1.5 million mean more than 6 million with family connection, but the 1.5 million number, itself, is likely to be conservative. 

Islamic supremacy is taught to their children, and all others are inferior, to be lived off of (tax) or killed (Jews, Christians, infidels) and the lessons are driven home brutally, and with children desensitized by domestic violence against their mothers; this, for 1400 years.   It is not something European ego can wash off them with outdoor cafes and free health care. 

Muslims complain and politicians, rather than be the one blamed for riots, give in.  It is this simple. 

European "hate speech" laws are written to uphold Sharia blasphemy laws with anything that "incites violence" considered hate speech.  So Muslims say you cannot even draw a cartoon that they do not approve of, so what does Europe do?  It punishes those who draw a cartoon Muslims do not like.  It is a powerful imposition of Sharia against Western tradition of freedom.

When Germans resisted the Nazis, they feared one another turning them in to the Nazis, so much so, that if one publicly criticized the Nazis, he was said to have "coal in his mouth"; that is, words that can bring violence and destruction.  Muslim complaints have been quieted, howbeit temporarily, by forcing Europeans to have "coal in the mouth" and have to now whisper, in conspiracy like hushed tones, words of freedom of expression.  Speak against the Muslim and the European will ostracize you, fine you, and may even imprison you.  

Muslims, for 1400 years, have been wild and violent, which is the psychological outworking of supremacist ideology. The world is unequal and this leads to complaints and threats of violence, and although the Koran allows the Muslim to lie to further the cause of Islam, 1400 years of violence tells us:  take Islamic threats very seriously. 

With such a great population, if only 1% believes in violence, it is still 1,000,000 jihadists.  We know, however, from surveys that in some locales Sharia is wanted, in Europe for example, at 40% or more having positive views towards Jihad and Sharia.  

As the complaints and threats to riot always work, we can expect this to combine with:

a.  Migrants to continue
b.  Migrants to be 70% to 90% male, 13-35
c.  European population to continue to shrink
d.  European average age 15+ years older than Muslims 

to bring increased pressure to Islamization of Europe. 

Eventually, the demands, backed by death tolls, will go from tax payer built mosques and free health care, travel, rent, food, etc, for the "supremacist Muslim", but, eventually, to their own land. 

This demand will likely be initially met by tax payers with relief as they consider they if they give over a city to Islam, they will no longer be carrying the non-working Muslims (Muslims have the lowest employment rates, down to 20% of Syrian Muslims.  Much of this is due to the supremacist ideology:  they do not want to work for "kaffir" and they especially will not work for women), but this is not so. 

Muslims will demand continued tax payer support. 

Meanwhile, newly enriched Iran, due to Obama's abdication of leadership, will mean the world's number one exporter of terrorism has more money to assist the new Islamic state of Europe.  

Which country will be the first to cede over land?


German has "Mama Merkel", who will cover up for Muslims, and would not dare to walk among those who call her this title, and is known to brutally twist religious views to fit her self loathing and desire to punish Germany for the holocaust.  Even as she talks of the Jews, she imports those with pathological hatred and universal desire to kill Jews, to the very place where Hitler almost killed them all. 

Where he failed, Angela Merkel may succeed. 

Merkel calls for Israel to give land to her enemies, so she may put her "money where her mouth is" and "lead by example" in being the first. 


But what of Marseille?  It is close to 50% Muslim now, with the distinction of the most dangerous city in Europe? It is run by gangs with AK 47s, and northern sections are completely no-go zones, including for police.  Islamic "check points" make certain no one smuggles in cops.  Although NYC has a population 10 times higher, Marseille had more drug deaths in 2014.  Most of the city now has little resemblance to French culture anyway, and due to its port status, it is an import hub for African hashish.  


With its attempt at egalitarianism that is at war with nature itself, Sweden has emasculated its men who are unable to protect their wives and children in their own neighborhoods.  Like other countries, its anti-gun mania has meant that only criminals are armed, and armed they are, including AK 47s and hand grenades.  

Sweden is the "rape capital of Europe" and the most dangerous country in the West for women, so might it be first?

Sweden might consider concession of land simply due to fear. Whereas Germany could "shine" diversity, multiculturalism and love for all, to its own demise, Sweden might not even claim such platitudes but simply fold in fear, as its men have culturally been raised to be neutered and do not know what it is like to be allowed to be a man and protect and defend his own. 

Germany is not much different, and commentaries have pointed out how Merkel has basically said that German men cannot produce offspring, so they need the Muslim man to do so.  This was not lost on Islamic apologists.  

Where do you think the first "Eurabia" or "Islamic State of Europe" will be?

Who will be the first country to make concession of sovereign territory?  Or, will the European Union make this decision against the will of the host country?

Hungary, by retaining history lessons, has rejected Islamic migration by reminding us of the bloodshed from Islamic ideology of the past.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Muslim Frustration" and Nazi Ideology

There is an excellent article by Daniel Greenberg at Front Page on "Muslim Frustration" found here:


It is viewed as world wide frustration, and generational frustration.

Psychologically beneath this is what explains the violence, and even why the Nazis so hated the Jews.

Commentators love to point to Hitler's Austrian rejection as an artist blaming it on Jews, or how somehow, Jews were the ones who controlled the Treaty of Versaille, which decimated Germany.

Hitler's anti-semitism not only had its root, but it also had an appeal to a most willing population, not of all Germans (Jews considered themselves safe because they saw themselves as Germans).

It also explains the violence, in every category of percentage of Muslims, in every country in the world.

It will, by itself, why people in a crisis pull together for the common good, but why migrants tear and rip at each other in their invasion.

It is "Supremacist" ideology.

The Nazi ideology centered that the Aryan was genetically superior to the non-Aryan.

The Islamic ideology says that those in submission to Islam are superior to all others.

Realty, however, counters both claims.

Sweden's quest for a truly utopian, egalitarian society was a war against nature.  Since men and women are not "equal" in all ways, they had to pass laws to emasculate men, and build a society where men are shamed to be men, and boys are brought up to be in shame of their own masculinity.  That they are now the "rape capital of the West" incapable of protecting their women is a natural consequence.

Make war against nature and nature will win.

No matter how many times Bruce Jenner stares into the mirror, as a 65 year old grandfather, willing himself to be a sexy college co-ed, he is a man.

The consequence of this leftist lunacy is unknown.  In NYC, protests to make "equal" men and women have the claim that "men can show their chests, so can women" with women's chests being "de-sexualized."

Has anyone considered what then happens to all the child molestation cases where girls' chests have been fondled?

By calling Bruce Jenner a "man" is to go against "Woman of the Year" yet, if your 15 year old daughter, dangerously thin, sees a "fat girl" in the mirror, would the seeking of professional intervention be thus as "hateful" and "judgmental" as declaring Grandpa Bruce a man?  Shall we turn away the aneroxic who "presents" or "perceives" herself overweight to protect her "identity"?

Bruce Jenner receiving awards like "Woman of the Year" is an insult to women.  

Going to war with nature cannot win and is an expression of self-loathing.

Germans who quickly embraced their "superiority" were also at war with their successful neighbors:  the Jews.

The Jews test higher in IQ and culturally, prize education, savings and investment.  This "inequality" can only be explained one way by the supremacist:  "Fraud", which leads to victim status, which is empowering.

Why do the migrants not pull together in a crisis like others?  I cannot think of a richer opportunity to assist one another than in a crisis, particularly if the crisis means walking hundreds of miles and struggling for the basic necessities of life, including food, shelter, and, dare say, hygiene.

Yet, they viciously turn on one other.

Islam does not unite them once the topic is no longer hatred of Jews and Kaffir (us).  After "jihad', they turn on one another with barbaric like cruelty, as prescribed in the Koran.  They lie with impunity to Kaffir, even to the point of making friends with an openly gay man, knowing full well that this is to advance their cause, and later, they will dispatch the homosexual, also in "spectacular" manner as ordered, so that people will feel the shock and awe and fear them.

They are, after all, supreme.

When an injured bleeding Muslim refuses to let a female nurse tend to his wound, he is telling you that he has an extreme hatred of women.  This hatred is not only taught from the Koran, but exampled by Mohammad and the lessons driven home from childhood including the deeply embedded eye witnessing of domestic violence...against their own mothers.

Masculinity is the sacrifice of strength and the laying down of one's life for another, such as "women and children first" but in Islamic supremacy thinking, tossing the women and children overboard is a necessity to save the man.

A constant irritant and reminder of success of kaffir society must be torn down 
Because Allah has "cursed" the kaffir, the Eiffel Tower stands as a constant instigation to the supremacist mind that the Koran might be wrong.  This is not acceptable.  The Eiffel Tower, like all beauty of the West, including the magnificent Twin Towers, and the beautiful ancient churches in the middle east, must come down.  Allah, after all, can't be blatantly wrong.  He can be wrong, which is why when speaking to us, they love to quote the "mercy" passages of this contradictory book, without telling us that Allah changed his mind and the later jihadic passages have supplanted the earlier.

The supremacist sees the kaffir's wealth, and considers that this must be, by necessity, fraud, which leads to claims of victimization.  Victim status powerfully unites and empowers.

One would think that a common religion would unite Muslims of every nation, instead, they fight one another, even within the same nation, down to tribe versus tribe, family versus family.  If a son has more than his father, the father rages because he, the father, is supreme and the success must come from fraud.

This is why Muslims are often criticized as lacking natural affection, including parental affections, as evidenced by the myriad of mentally retarded or disabled children dumped upon Western social services, (see Nicolai Sennels on Muslim inbreeding), or rioting over not being given free medicine (having to pay 10 euro co payment for a $500 medicine causes "frustration."

As Mr. Greenberg aptly shows, any topic of another's success is open game for "Muslim frustration" and this supremacist ideology explains why even in 100% Muslim nations, they continually war one against another.

European "hate speech" laws play into this perfectly.  Speech that inspires violence is illegal.  Simple enough, the Muslim, in enforcing Sharia blasphemy laws, threatens violence over anything they wish.  If they threaten over the color blue, mention the color blue and you are inciting violence.

This is why art is being destroyed.  Mohammad killed poets and Mohammad, to the supremacist mind, is to be emulated.  Kill the artists.  Kill the poets. Kill the Jew.  Kill the American.  Kill the kaffir.  Drive all non muslims out.  Then, kill one another.  Supremacist ideology means never being satisfied.  This is why migrants spit out food, burn clothing and make outrageous demands, not simply one group of them, or just Syrian, or just those from Afghanistan, but universally, by the hundreds of thousands, in each country.  As Mr. Greenfield said, one cannot have a welfare state and open borders.  But when you open the border to those who hold themselves as supreme human beings, whatever you give them is not enough. 

Islam is the antithesis of the Judao-Christian thought that has layered Europe with "Thou shalt not kill", "Thou shalt not steal" and "treat your neighbor as you wish to be treated" and they have long benefited from this. They have, en masse, abandoned their roots and embraced a new religion, replete with the 'final arbitrator of right or wrong' being the state.  This is a religion and the god of the state has demanded "multiculturalism" as a major principle, even though it is the madness of indiscriminate mixing.  Like a chef who insists the "best" soup is one that has every spice on his shelf, the heartburn that strikes will be as lethal as 1400 years of history testifies to.  

Christianity was the driving force behind the armed resistance that became the American War for Independence.  This was not a "revolution" like France's chaotic anarchy where bloodshed replaced bloodshed, but a most reluctant call to arms when the tyranny of another nation's parliament went unchecked by a king, of whom we have contracted together with.  The king was repeatedly appealed to, but refused to honor his contractual obligations, so "the War of the Presbyterians" began in earnest, as Christians considered the tyranny to usurp the Crown Rights of Christ.  Christ had commanded them to provide for their families.

It is ironic that Merkel attempts to use "Christianity" as a reason to import sworn enemies of her own citizens, including the 100,000 (to 200,000) Jews still left there.  6 million Jews died as a result of Nazi supremacy and Merkel claims to still feel the guilt.
German citizens see the correlation 

 As Front Page has  pointed out, with the 1.5 million Islamic supremacists brought in this year alone, having at least 4 family members ready to join them, the 6 million Islamists, with their pathological and religious hatred of Jews, the irony of the number cannot be lost on the Jews there.  Where Hitler failed, Merkel may succeed.

They have no idea what they have imported.

The Nazis were limited to almost entirely Germans and they lasted less than 2 decades.

Islam supremacy dwarfs Nazi supremacy, is world wide, and has last 1,400 years.

Stories From Women in Europe

muslim-men-arriving-munich-train-station-where-women-children-1The website, "Bare Naked Islam" asked for readers from Europe to submit personal stories of clashes with Islamic supremacists.  Please see their website for updates.  

                 How can we know if they are real?

Statement Analysis is most generally known for detecting deception within a statement, for police or for corporations in need of discernment.  Analysis is also used to identify anonymous threats. 

In the past year, I have analyzed two such threats and have been able to successfully identify the author of the threatening letters.  I train law enforcement, around the country, as well as businesses, HR professionals, civil investigators, attorneys, and others who need discernment.  We are able to know if a claim is real or if it is a fabricated story. 

I have shown false claims of rape by lying victims, and covered some of the victims of Bill Cosby to show, indeed, that they were sexually assaulted.  

In the Statement Analysis Blog I have Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Lance Armstrong, Barak Obama and a long list of those indicated for deception who are well known.  Some are sociopathic liars, like Hillary Clinton, while others are celebrities who attempted to deny an allegation, but was incapable of doing so.  This includes Roger Clemons, 


This is done in advanced analysis by profiling.  As we write (or speak) we reveal ourselves.  The words we choose will reveal our gender, background, experiences, priorities, and even our personalities.  This goes for all of us as 'out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.'

The "heart" is the seat of the intellect and emotions; what we think and how we feel about what we think.  From this comes the words we choose. 

I work for businesses as the Dept of Justice told us that 40% of thieves had planned theft before the job interview.  I show them how to weed out thieves, liars, the violent, and those who seek employment but have an agenda which means that they are likely to file a fraudulent suit against the company in order to gain money that their own hands have not earned.  This saves companies a great deal of money, as well as stress and loss of reputation.  

Victims of Violence 

Those who experience high levels of fear, as evidenced in the spike of cortisol (the "fight or flight" hormone) have an imprint left upon them (brain) which then chooses the words, from a vocabulary of 25,000 or more words, to describe the event in less than a micro second.  Lying causes a disruption of this rapid process, which is what gives analysts their very high level of accuracy in lie detection.  

Below are their stories.  

Victims of violence, either first hand or even witness, who experience hormonal increase.  For this example, picture yourself driving down the road, and suddenly slamming on the brakes.  Your hormones sky rocketed, as your eye sight increased, your muscles braced for impact, and you squeezed the steering wheel.  As you reasoned with yourself, "I am safe, I am fine..." the hormones quickly receded.  Those that do not quickly recede experience post traumatic stress disorder like symptoms, including nightmares, perseveration, hyper vigilance, depression and so on.  

Victims of this form of trauma will connect themselves to the event with strong pronouns ("I" rather than "you"), past tense verbs, and will often "lose the filter" as they will, under emotional strain, call the violent strong names, often "not politically correct" because they do not care how it appears; the trauma was up close and personal, and the language should reflect this. 

I have analyzed a number of "fake hate" reports for police and in my blog. This is where someone alleges to have been horribly beaten up, but write, "I was attacked by three African-American gentlemen."

Victims of violent crimes will not call the perpetrators "gentlemen" but will use angry, non-politically correct language, because the trauma supersedes any need to portray themselves as anything but a victim.  The above statement was made by a white person who was fabricating a story to excuse his own behavior.  

Victims of violence care not for what you think of them:  they are hurt, angry, violated, and it shows in their language.  

These prove to be fraudulent claims and the language is what reveals them.  

We also measure statements by "form." This is where a reliable account will take on 3 sections, with "what happened" being the "main event." By counting the words, we may analyze the account in 3 parts:
1.  The introduction.  This is to tell us what happened before the actual event, such as, "I went to a park near my home."

2.  The Main Event.  This is where the person tells us what happened to them.  This might sound like, "At this park, a man pushed me and called me a whore.  I got up to ran and he knocked me down."

3.  Post Event.  This is after the main event and might sound like this:  "I ran away and called the police."

Truthful accounts will be, on average:

25% of the words dedicated to the "before" part of the account

50% of the words dedicated to the event

25% of the words used to report what happened after the event, including calling police. 

When a statement greatly deviates from this 25/5025 formula, it is "unreliable" on its form. 

The overwhelming number of false statements are heavily weighted in the introduction.  This makes sense psychologically because the setting is more important than the event, because the event did not happen as reported, and the writer has a need to persuade, rather than report honestly.  Therefore, they will often use a lot of words to "build up credibility" which actually belies their weakness and indicates deception.  

Let's look at these claims posted at Bare Naked Islam to see if they are reliable:

*Does the writer connect himself or herself with the pronoun "I"?
*Does the writer use past tense verbs?
*Does the language match the reality with appropriate harshness?
*Does the writer show signals of deception?
*Does the writer use sensory language?
*Does it come from experiential memory, or is it a perseveration from past experiences?
*If it does not come from experiential memory, where does it come from?  Memory of a movie, or what someone told them?
*Does the writer tell what happened, or does he have a 'need to persuade' instead?
*Does the writer confuse articles, "the" and "a"?  If so, deception is likely. 
*Does the writer confuse pronouns?  If so, deception is likely indicated.  

I have added underlining to some of the words to help you answer the questions above.


I was in a LEGIDA (like PEGIDA) anti muslim protest here in Leipzig some weeks ago and a group of rabid pro muslim idiots began to accost us and spit venomous accusations of nazism, racism and Ignorance. I was shocked to see among the idiots some prominent gay activists from Liepzig! Why would someone who stands for gay rights want gay hating muslims in his country? A

An idiot told us that “refugees” were more “cultured” and “educated” than us and most of them were “professionals, doctors, accademics” and “better people than us” .. ¿doctors? ¿accademics? My foot! The streets of Liepzig are full of “cultured muslim proffesionals” lazying around drunk, robing, defecating in parks, poisoning dogs , accosting women, beating elderly people, usurping houses and other “cultural activities” which liberal idiots seem to find so endearing. 

As for the rape problem I don’t feel safe anymore, I carry a steel pipe when I go out and muslim men have laughed at me, insulted me and promise to rape me because of this (yes I reported this but police did nothing) I assure you that if one of those filthy apes tries to put a hand on me I will beat him to a pulp… I am half german half icelandic and I have a though viking mindset.


This is absolutely true! 

I live in Öhringen and we women live in constant fear. I was attacked by a muslim in June near a train station at night. Thank God two men (rather two angels!) heard me and they made the demon run away, unfortunately he was not caught. I should consider myself lucky because that beast “only” drove his dirty nails into my neck but didn’t kill me or rape me (yes the Germany of Merkel one must feel lucky of being only hurt by a muslim).

I work in a hospital as a nurse and many of my female workmates have similar stories, after that horrible episode I was so scared I didn’t want to leave my house. I had nightmares, I carried a wasp spray can in my handbang and a scalpel wraped in paper in my pocket. I was scared to death, now I don’t use the train anymore when I have my night shifts, my good sister now drives me to the hospital when I work at night. 

My daughters aren’t allowed to go out without their father and this is a common reality that many, many german families are facing today. This must stop!



I live in Malmö, Sweden and I was assaulted by a muslim man in March 2015. 

I work as dental assistant with my husband who is dentist, I was cleaning the waiting room and about to close when the muslim young man entered and asked in broken swedish about a dental treatment I told him the doctor had left and he would need an appointment ( I should have not said this!) 

Next thing was his hand trying to cover my mouth and he began to fondle my breasts, I managed to fight him off and got into the doctor’s office, locked the door and called the police.

When the cops arrived, the muslim had vanished. No one was arrested and the police didn’t even bother checking the security cameras of the neighbors in spite they offered them immediatly. I could not work for months after this, no woman is safe in Sweden, this is war against us.


"I have a story I want to share with you, I own a hair salon in Lyon, France and I used to have a muslim client – a 32 year old woman – one day in may her husband showed up in my salon and told me that if I styled his wife hair or polished her nails or dyed her hair again he would strangle me and burn my house and salon then he called me (and my clients) whores, kicked a magazine rack and left. 

I went to the police station and he was charged with death treaths but only spent one night in the cell! I hope this site reports a bit more about what is happening here in France, the muslim violence is suffocating and omnipresent."


I am a Jew in Germany. No not the ortodox version, I am more of the muscle Jew version. Hiding my religion is natural here, no question, especially for my kids. The press in the EU is a dhimmy press, kinda Pravda version. The inner citys are full of bagers, groups of young muslim man, who are offensiv to woman and forcing the visitors to the place to walk around them.

Muslims are stealing, selling drugs, always in groups, ready to attack and harass people in the street.  You need to hide your cellphone. Because of this, the nightlife in the inner city is dying.

Women have  no go zones in the city where they dare not go and the men won’t go there either soon. Shops are frequently robbed by muslims and there is a general feeling of lawlessness. German people are seething with anger.

There will be civil war.


I want to share my story with the readers: I’m a 23 yo woman from Amsterdam and last month I was followed by a group of four muslim males while walking. I had to increase my speed and take many turns in an effort to lose them. They followed me for about a mile until I walked to an area with lighted homes and pretended to walk up to one of them. 

They knew how scared I was and I heard them laughing at me: they were enjoying my fear. After that horrible experience I bought a pepper spray and keep it on my key chain, I hope Europe (specially its men!) wake up soon before it’s too late.


I’m from Innsbruck and want to tell you my story, I know it is not as ugly as the ones presented here and some people might even find it humorous but it made me feel vulnerable and scared: 

I discovered a muslim man secretly living in the tool shed of my backgarden in january 2015. Since the garden is covered with snow in winter I forget everything about gardening and the tool shed remains locked, somehow this man broke the door and “moved” there. 

One morning in january I saw tracks on the snow coming from the shed and then I saw the door without the padlock, I peered inside and saw a man sleeping on a dirty mattres, there were lots of booze bottles and bags. I called the police, they arrested him and found cells phones and other robed things in the bags. I was told that the man was from Iraq and suffered tuberculosis. The shed was dismantled.


Submitted on 2015/10/26 at 8:17pm

I’m living in Germany in the city of Detmold, North-Rhine Westfalia with a population of 75,000 and my home is about half a mile from a refugee facility.

In this facility a 13-year old Muslim girl was raped by another asylum seeker. The sad thing is that the girl and her mother reportedly fled their homeland to escape this culture of sexual violence.

When I heard the rumors about this, I asked a friend of mine (police officer) if he knew about this and he confirmed the case and told me that they [the police] were not allowed to pass on this kind of reports or any kind of report that would put a bad light on the refugees to the media. He also confirmed that there has been a clear increase of crimes in our city, due to the presence of Muslim refugees.

As a reaction on this increase of crimes, my landlord put up fences around our homes (seven families) and our garages. Intruder alarm and lighting will be put up within the next weeks. Because it’s not safe anymore for our wives to walk alone in the streets in the dark, my friends and I setup a carpooling system in case they want to visit their friends.

The wives call each other and one of the husbands drives them. We pick them up at the front door and drive them to their friend and wait until they are in the house safely. The driver uses speeddial on his smartphone and in case of emergency he only has to dial the number of one of the friends. This friend contacts the other ones and they eventually come to the rescue. When the wives want to go home they call the driver and he picks them up and follows the same procedure.


Submitted on 2015/10/26 at 4:27pm

I’m a middle-aged woman who lives in Normandy.  3 weeks ago in early October I was in the Gare de l’Est on a Friday afternoon traveling alone from Paris to Strasbourg. The train station was packed with travelers.  I noticed an African man, a Somali or Eritrean, strolling through the station wearing filthy torn clothes – it was obvious that this was one of the recent “migrants” to Europe.  

As I was entering a shop near the platforms to purchase a gift for the person I was visiting, this “migrant” bounded up from behind me, stabbed me in the back with a sharp pointed object, and just kept walking.  I immediately screamed at him at the top of my lungs “Hey you! What are you doing??!! (actually with profanity)” I looked around and the literally dozens of travelers all around me waiting for their trains but all pretended to have not seen or heard anything.  

I dropped my bag and started feeling around my own back to see if I was bleeding. There was no blood, as I had been stabbed with a blunt object like a tactical pen. I was trying to examine my own back literally 50 centimeters away from a Frenchman who had witnessed the incident but did not offer to help me. The shopkeeper had also witnessed the incident but didn’t offer assistance or call the police.

I walked to the Police office in the Gare de l’Est which is covered in mirrors. If there was a way to enter it or a door, it was all so well hidden that I finally gave up trying.  I finally found a station security guard, and told him that I had been assaulted.  He immediately became very upset with me and told me immediately to go to the police station. He couldn’t be rid of me fast enough.  He did not offer to escort me or find a policeman, and I didn’t bother telling him that I’d already tried finding the police with no luck. I was almost crying.

I had just 20 minutes until my train left and I had to eat. In the restaurant I picked, there was a table of several American students behind me.  I explained what happened and asked them to examine my back for me. So there I was pulling down my shirt in a restaurant in a Paris train station to get my stab wound looked at – which the students confirmed was red but wasn’t bleeding.  I warned them to be on the lookout for “migrants” and to be especially on their guard as they were all young women.

 When I got to my host’s place that night in Strasbourg, I was able to finally able to get the wound disinfected and discover that my attacker had assaulted me with a fork as there were 2 parallel red holes in my back. I tried to see a doctor in Strasbourg, but all the doctors were on strike that weekend, and I didn’t want to waste my short weekend running all over the city and waiting in line. It has been over 3 weeks and my wound still hurts me, though there is no infection. 

I’ve been noticing African migrants showing up in our town in Normandy all summer.  They never pay for the bus or the tramway, they sit down in packs in the places reserved for the elderly and the pregnant women.  I often see them travel in groups of 4 men.  On 2 occasions this summer, they have approached me to me to see if I speak English, and I pretend that I don’t.  I heard one migrant say that he was so f*cking angry that the French only speak French. 

I’ve starting thinking about what weapons I can discreetly carry with me when I go out, and I must admit that I’ve been dealing with lots of stress and anxiety about going out alone in public since this incident.


The first murder I heard in my little german city was done by an Turk or Kurd.He killed his german “girlfriend”.It was in the same house where some friends lived. I was very young.

Later in the youth club-there where only Turkish and Kurdish Muslim boys-no girls. Also the Turks made very often trouble-even a leftwing socialworker said to me. Yes its very bad here..

Another social worker was Kurdish-he said to me that he never say it to the Turks because they hate Kurds (also at this time there was violence between Kurd and Turks in Germany).

A young Turk i knew smashed a window of a little Kurdish pizza shop(good Pizza). Later this Turk was in jail…Know i saw on Facebook a photo from him with a big car, dont know if it was his own. Facebook said he work a a “Security” oh yes this little Turk who always looked for trouble…must be a great security man!

Also a Turk from my school sold hard drugs and owned a 7 BMW. Also some others I know from school and neighbourhood-one was some years in jail-he wanted to do a big deal but the buyer was from the police haha…but this guy was not a trouble maker.

A son from a Turkish teacher (Once a friend saw him eating a currywurst-and he said:dont tell i think he was an Alevite) was also in jail because he attack an Italian with a baseball bat. Now he has a wife and children, they are also making always trouble-even Muslims said they are bad… The teacher had 4 sons and 3 were trouble makers!

Please note that in this above account, there is wording that shows it does not come from experiential memory, but memory of what the writer was told by others.  It is not a reliable, first hand account.  


My story: You have to understand why Hungary decided to build a fence. All throughout the summer, every single day, thousands of Muslims poured in through Serbia and were all shipped to Budapest. We suffered for months, and not once did the EU help us! All they did was criticise, and the people had enough and voted for Viktor Orbán in a national consultation to protect the nation.

I manage a restaurant by Western Railway Station. This building is a historical monument, was built in 1877 by the Eiffel Company. Hundreds of Muslims lined the station, left massive piles of trash everywhere, let their children run around half naked and dig in trash bins. There was a dysentery outbreak in July amongst the migrants. They left vomit and diarrhea on Eiffel Square.

The square was cordoned off and the National Public Health Service came in the early morning, wearing biohazard suits and masks and disinfected everything with undiluted bleach. They repeated this procedure for a week straight, and every single public transport bus, tram, and metro, was also disinfected. After this, the migrants were no longer allowed to travel for free on public transport. They got their own bus which took them around the three various train stations in Budapest.

The sad thing is I had to tell every colleague to keep quiet about the migrants. There were liberal activists and journalists cruising around, one idiot even baked a pink birthday cake for the migrants which was left squashed and uneaten on the floor… if the activists ever got word of something bad our restaurant was doing, they could easily have reported us to the liberal media. This is a horrible feeling, like back in Communism. You don’t know who you can trust, because any stray word could be overheard by the ‘secret police’, and you could be dragged off to be tortured…

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Germany's "Coal In the Mouth"

Just a 'handful of right-wing xenophobic islamohobes' showed up to protest immigration 

There is a certain uneasiness about the connection between the German government's "false flag" of the "Polish military" storming a German radio station to precipitate the invasion of Poland, and Angela Merkel's guilt over Nazi crimes. 

This uneasiness comes from the inconsistency of both condemning and embracing the same issue.  

It does not fit. 

Merkel expresses guilt and remorse over Germany's treatment of Jews at the hands of Germans. 

She thus shows the remorse by not only importing those with an ideology that holds to the physical destruction of Jews, but also with lies about the numbers of Islamic supremacists she has imported and will import. 

The Nazi supremacists have been eradicated by American occupation, and no longer pose a threat to Germany's Jews, so Merkel has replaced them with Islamic supremacists.  

The ideologies have many similarities, with the latter being more than just political and social, but religious as well.  Islamic anti-semitism is far more powerful (and popular) than Nazism, which was exclusive to Germans and those assimilated to Germany, while Islamic supremacy knows no such racial boundary, but is hundreds of times larger than tiny Nazism and has had not 15 years of success like Nazism, but 1400 years.  

    The weight of inconsistency is heavy upon her shoulders. 

This also goes for her desire for a free and open democratic society as well as a "Christian" society.  She calls for democracy while squelching it, and claims Christian ideology while opposing it, and empowering Christian persecution.  

She may decry the deception and "false flag" tactics of the Germans during the 1930's and 1940's, including the "coal in the mouth"*, that is, the squelching of criticism of the government, yet has gone out of her way to condemn the peaceful democratic protests of nationalistic Germans who wish to stop the importation of Islamic supremacists by her 'Josef Goebbels like' propaganda techniques, including lying about numbers, and portraying them as violent, and who's followers are responsible for "false flag" physical attacks and "false flag" photo ops.  

Nothing says PEGIDA better than a Merkel supporter wearing a swastika and attacking counter protestors.  

She hates the Nazi society where the average citizen feared criticizing its government while setting up a society in which average citizens now fear criticizing her government. 

Like the Nazis, she has moved towards arrests and fines, as well as imprisonment and property confiscation. 

The echo back to the 40's is unnerving.  

The Nazis cared little for statistical honesty.  This summer, Merkel was hailed as the most "moral" and powerful woman in the world when she said she would take in 800,000 Syrian "refugees" knowing that the actual number was 1.5 million.  She lied outright about this number, while lying through withholding information in this same number:  1.5 million quickly multiplies through asylum programs which allow for families to arrive within the year. 

1.5 million Islamist supremacists in 2015, when viewed with even conservative math (4 family members, rather than 6 or 8) comes to:

6 million Islamists from the 2015 "refugee" allowance, alone.  This does not include 2014's actual numbers, nor does the state's numbers include the hundreds of thousands that have been, in the last few years, been denied asylum, but simply refused to leave. 

The calculations of when Germany's own population would become the minority when compared to Islamists, has gone from 2050 to 2040, and down to 2024.  

Yet, as the percentage of Jew haters moves over only 5% of a population, studies have shown the increase in violence is staggering at each percentage increase. 

If 2% of a population can commit 77% of its violent crimes in Sweden, for example, where even this statistic is deceptively shaved downward, what can Germans expect?

Perhaps a better question is, "What are Germans experiencing now?"

Few in America know how bad it is due to the media blackout. 

This same sentence could have been written in America in 1938, and, actually was, as Holocaust denial was popular then, as the Sharia-denial is today.  

Germany has failed to protect its citizens, and its economy, and has not simply lost control over a few hundred neighborhoods, but entire cities are being controlled by criminal supremacists who used German laws to subjugate the population to a place of "dhimmitude", willingly giving their tax dollars to those who have not worked, and will not work for the "kaffir" German.  

As Merkel condemns Nazism, she embraces it's means as her own.  


*In the anonymous woman's account of the rapes in Berlin after the fall of the Nazi regime, the commonly used phrase among citizens was "coal in the mouth" to refer to someone who dared to speak out against the Nazis, thus endangering not only the speaker, but those who lived with the speaker.  
In modern Germany and Europe, "hate speech" refers to any speech that can "incite" anger, thus handing to Islamic supremacists the tool needed to enforce Sharia blasphemy laws by claiming that most anything said critical of Islam can "incite", simply by threatening to riot.  This threat to riot can silence any topic under the sun, and has done more to enforce, "de facto", the Sharia laws prohibiting criticism of Islam than even the actual violence. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

How The Mighty Have Fallen!

"Estro-thinking" and "ovary-thought" and other such word compilations of emotionally charged thinking are being heard in Germany as "Mama Merkel" has gone from being on top of the world, in August of 2015, down to one fighting just to keep her job, 6 weeks later.

She has gone from making strange Christo-twisted platitudes, such as, 'do to our guilt in the holocaust, we must invite Muslims in to our country' down to head-down mutterings of little sense, including some rambling incoherent answers to simple questions of security for the German people.

Raised in the darkness of communistic East Germany, she lived "behind a wall" which was intended to keep the East Germans in, not the world out.

She was raised, as all Germans her age, with the schooling of shame from the crimes of the Nationalist Socialist party leading to Germany's own division following World War II.

With these two dominant themes deeply within her, she has made emotionally led decisions that were void of logic, which has led to a dramatic, long term change to Germany, itself, and has, perhaps, actually opened the door to civil war, or the long dreaded third world wide European war; the very thing she hoped to avoid.

Post Christian Europe has long prospered due to Judeo-Christian's out workings, including capitalism and Protestant work ethic.

It has abandoned the very principles that gave it the prosperity, especially the early Calvinism with understood the nature of man better than any system.  The denial of human nature is the core of all Leftism and the almost 200,000 Jews in Germany are now powerfully outnumbered by Islamic supremacy and its pathological hatred of all things Jewish.

What Hitler could not complete, Mama Merkel has, even as she embraced the title, "Mama", though, unveiled, she would not be safe to walk among the Muslims she has long embraced lest there be what the Germans call, "a misunderstanding", something we Americans call "rape."

Both the relationship with Israel, and the safety of German's Jews, have been destroyed by an emotional decision and the boast of taking in "all of Syrian's refugees" which has not only caused a mass production of Syrian birth certificates for sale in Africa and the middle east, but has created an entire new Islamic state of Europe, now awaiting birth.

Angela Merkel's fall has come faster than even Herr Hitler's.

Her legacy may prove to be even worse.