Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Post Christian Era

In today's post-Christian world, the very western society that was built up from Christianity as become empty, vain and wealthy.

It no longer believes in marriage, children, or even gender.

It destroys its own seed, for profit, and without any strong mores of which to guide it, it is without will nor strength to withstand Islam's rigidity.

While homosexuals are executed by Islamic supremacists, they will long for the day when Christianity's peaceful opposition was all they faced.

Women will long for the day when they were easily defined as women, and loved their own husbands and children and homes.

Men will work for their Islamic masters relegated to Dhimmitude and subjugation.  The "delicate snow flake" college men who's feelings had so been hurt, will rue the day of their neutering as they cowed before feminism and rushed to find a 'safe place' to cry.

Resistance movements will be small, as Christians may seek to move near one another, while evangelicalism with its 'personal relationship with Jesus' emphasis upon feelings, will be quickly wiped under the feet of the Islamist brute, with his low IQ, lack of impulse control, and his demand for explosive destruction.

Orthodox Christianity will be the mainstay of the resistance where Christ is reverenced, and prayer for strength of hands is heard, with the echo of yesteryears "Christ is King!" is heard in their gatherings, with covenantal focus, as the self-centered weakness of post Christian evangelicalism is drowned out by the cries of "Allahuh Akbar!" and the Friday prayers.

There is likely to be some hinderance to this downward spiral, with moments of hope before the blackness encompasses the once shining beacon.

Hope though dim, will draw from God's mercy on the few directed to flee Sodom.

Like in ancient times, the demand to rejoice will be to the persecuted; the treasure and choice elect.

She had voted in her first Muslim president, unconcerned about the ideology and the devotion which would show itself in the Islamization of the government offices, the investigative communities, and the prisons, where Imams were placed to bring Islam to those of most unrestrained nature.

The Islamic countries became wealthy as the Americans looked the other way as the ancient churches in the Middle East were torn down, the people murdered or enslaved, while Europe and her American step child bickered over the globe's temperatures.

The rot was deep and insipid.

From the body parts of their own seed sold for profit, to the self congratulatory declaration of being freed from nature itself, education itself became driven to slow madness, as Europe led the way.

Here there was no Islamic invasion of military might of which to countenance the ferocity of Islamic submission, it was, quite rather, the madness of the political elite who in promising the utopian society of brotherly love, tore down their own gates, and met the Islamic army peacefully, offering its Jizrah freely from the wealth of its people.

The Jizrah was accepted by millions and millions of young militant men who went on to their rightful koranic claim of 'the right hand', hence the rape epidemic of Europe began which to the Islamic supremacist, further confirmed what they had been told from childhood:  the kaffir was theirs because it was inferior to them.

What remained of Christian churches quickly showed their submission symbolically, by taking down their crosses, and literally by opening its doors for destruction.

Christ, so they said, had thus changed, and the people, unprepared to resist, agreed.  They changed the invisible Image of God into a visible, hideously emasculated sight of a weeping cowering god, confused, beggarly and impotent, proving, yet again in history, why the ancient prohibition was declared, as they formed their god into their own likeness.

How does one raise an army of brave men to fight, hand to hand and house to house, if necessary, when one cannot discern if the soldier is a man in a dress, or a woman?

How does one have the moral authority to stand up to the death tyranny when it cheers the slaughter of its own children?

How does one know what is right from what is wrong when the ancient landmark has been moved?

Barak Obama has not been the feckless meandering leaderless commander in chief that he is portrayed as being.

He has been a steadfast, clever, shrewd Islamist who has brought death to thousands and who's work on behalf of Islam may result in the deaths of millions to come, as he not only has armed the Islamists of Iran, but has enriched them to near dizzying heights of wealth where if we thought they were successful exporters of terror, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

The future is difficult to predict in the short term, but the long term trend says that we have a very dark road ahead of us. I hope for a change.

There could be various positives that arise, but they are surface only, and do not go to the core.  This slide has been multi-generational and Barak Obama is only the result of the early Marxism that our country welcomed due to the Great Depression, though the departure from the freedoms first embraced goes back much further.  The decline in earnest began with FDR and Obama is only the latest move.

Even if this progression were dealt a set back, a la Donald Trump's bold stance against self destruction and political correctness, he is not a moral man, nor one who understands the very purpose of government.  As president, would he stand up to all of Europe, and the business and financial pressure they will bring to bear on him?

Would he have the nerve that Obama showed to deny media access to the White House for disagreeing with him?

Would he be able to convince congress to get government out of the peoples' lives, beginning with healthcare, when the people have grown so utterly dependent upon government not only providing for them but making their decisions for them, in everything from child raising to healthcare and retirement?

At best, this would be only a slight delay in the downward spiral; a short time of relief from encroaching Sharia and the self loathing of leftism.

This is not to ever hoist the white flag of surrender, but a call to sober-mindedness and a realization of what it was that got us here.

Once Christianity's influence hovered over the entire nation and the cultural wrongs that existed slowly came under its influence for the good, but as we became wealthy, we became arrogant.  The more wealth we accumulated, the more we thought, 'our hands have done us so", which lulled us to letting the government tax us, more and more and more, until it, itself, became so wealthy that it said,

"I am god. I am limitless in wealth.  I will care for my people from cradle to grave..." which was, and is, the religion of the day, "Statism."

Take this personally and what do you have?

Angela Merkel.

"I will take them all!" she said in the first of several shocking statements.

When her country was overrun with Islamic crime and she began to lose control over media's squelching of the violence, her own party turned against her.

What did she then say?

Germany had scarcely been rebuilt from its prior destruction when it imported its own destruction.

With her hand firmly in the cookie jar, face reddened in guilt, she issued no 'mea culpa' but further shocked the world as she reiterated:

"Mama Merkel will take them all!"

The call to the Islamic world was heard and they came by the millions.  Obama covered for her and called them "widows and orphans" but citizen videos told us that up to 90% of them were young males.

Mama Merkel told them, "Come.  Come and breed for us, for our males are impotent.  We shall pay you."

And come, they did.

The German people did not sing the ancient hymns in Luther's footsteps.

It was the Islamists who sang, as they marched in.

The German people applauded them even while an interpreter whispered to them,

"They are signing about destroying you in jihad."

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