Thursday, January 14, 2016

Islam's Invisible Weapon in Europe

In Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and France, Islamic supremacists took to the streets to sexual abuse the "kaffur" women of Europe.  

In Cologne, "thousands" of Islamic males sexually assaulted hundreds of women (to date, more than 650 formal complaints filed) with the German police response of 153 officers. 

When the story finally broke, a peaceful protest was organized and the same police responded with 1500 officers to fire water cannons against their own people, while literally standing down during the New Year's Eve sexual assault-fest. 

What is going on here?

Islam has a secret but powerful weapon that has many Americans puzzled.  

It is not numerical superiority.  

It is not a disparate sophistication. 

It is not an enemy with a superior intellect; in fact, many Islamic men have sub average IQ's due to hundreds of years of close first cousin marriages. 

What is the secret Islamic weapon that has such power that it keeps the German men from protecting their women and children?

It is a secret, steal, invisible weapon that paralyzes the defenders into retreat or inaction.  

Bare Naked Islam showed a video that highlighted this invisible weapon that is nullifying all defensive efforts on the part of European men. 

What keeps European men from protecting their wives and daughters?

What are they so afraid of?

It turns out that it is not being outnumbered, which is scary enough, or sophisticated enemy tactics, but it is this:

European men fear being called a name. 


For those of us who grew up with "sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me", you will struggle to consider that Europe has become paralyzed by a phobia of being called a name. 



Can you imagine the German underground fearful of fighting back against the Nazi regime not because of weaponry, or concentration camps, but due to being called a name?


The fear of being called a name has paralyzed Europe.  

If one runs from name calling, how will he stand up against a supremacist sexually violent ideology that is filled with resolve, weaponry, and a fanaticism that is 1400 years old?