Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Supremacy of the Islamic Male

Islam teaches that its male is superior to his female, but it also teaches the Islamic male's supremacy over all non Islamic men and women. 

Psychologically, this is instilled through repetition and domestic violence against the mother of the child; a powerful combination that sets the personality in stone.  

Europe's elite have their own supremacy ideology, messianic in that its elite believe its narrative that says it is god; unlimited wealth and unlimited wisdom, displacing its Christian heritage.  In practice, this meant it would look upon the "third world" of the Middle East, portions of Asia and Africa, and invite them to come and dine at its table. 

Europe said the barbaric hordes would come in, see the Mercedes Benz in the driveway, assimilate quickly, and repopulate the shrinking advanced continent, no longer with national identities.  The ideology of Islam would quickly crumble before the British pound, German mark, and French frank, and later, at the lure of the euro.  Industrialists were told that they would have endless cheap labor and any welfare costs would be offset by the infusion in the workplace.  The European, so superior, who might lose his job due to the migration of Islamists, would just have to adjust, and even bear the brunt of the initial welfare state for, after all, European wealth has no limit. 

In its limitless wealth, its limitless wisdom told its people that no culture, itself, is 'good' but a mixture of cultures, without discrimination or thought, is its utopia.  

We all know how this has worked out. 

Since the 1970's, Islamic immigration has led to a steady increase in crime, a steady increase in welfare, a drain on social agencies due to koranic domestic violence and close marital relations with child defects.  

Islamic culture, itself immune to change via the death penalty, stood its ground.  The Islamist gladly took the "kaffir", or infidel money, as prescribed in Islam as the "jizrah" or protection money.  You give them money and they let you live.  Europe scoffed at such brutal ancient nonsense, but paid up, just the same. 

Just as the 80's turned into the 90's, and the 90's to the 2000's, the elite looked upon the failure:  the 2nd and 3rd generation welfare dependence, the refusal to integrate, the no -go zones and the violence, and publicly declared it to be...

an amazing success!

The former communist propagandist Angela Merkel, thus threw open the doors of Europe itself, and promised free money to all who would come, and come they did.  

She controlled the media, so that the world did not know how severely violent Europe had become, and how Islamic rape of the kaffur European woman, had become epidemic.  They taxed their own citizens and in came the "widow and orphan war refugees" looking for safety. 

Even blocked internet access could not stop the iPhone revolution where citizens took their own videos and sent them out to the world to see:  there are few, if any, "widows and orphans", instead, an invading army of supremacist Islamic males, and they are raping, looting, killing and...

defecating on us. 

Europe reacted as predicted:  They affirmed Islamic supremacy. 

Please don't rape our women. 

Please don't defecate in our pools. 

This is how we do it.  

This presupposed the Islamic hordes didn't know that toilets were operable and preferable in Western thinking. 

When an Islamic male raped, or sexually assaulted, he was rarely arrested, and if so, given a slap on the wrist.  In the UK, an entire sex slavery ring for pedophiles imitating Mohammad was left in full operation, as UK police bowed before the supremacist Islamic male, not daring to effect an arrest. 

The Islamist is defecating on Europe to tell them of just how superior he is to Europe and Europe's reaction to all of this has had a singular impact upon the now millions of Islamic males wreaking hell upon Europe:

it affirmed his supremacy.  

We can rape, without consequence. 

We can make armed French police run. 

We can rape little boys and there is nothing you can do to stop us.  

Europe responded with tearing down more churches and building more mosques so the supremacist criminal sexually violent ideology can be taught. 

Europe responded with teaching Islam in their schools.  

Europe responded with Sharia compliance:  media would stop any criticism of Islam, and in public, fines and even imprisonment would be realized, if a European criticizes Islam. 


Europe has taken the role of Dhimmi, one of humiliation and submission, permitted to exist only by the 'protection money' from the mafia of Islam. 

She even calls the young males of Islam "children", even though they are young males who have lied about their age, so as to reduce sentences when the public outcry demands an arrest.  

Europe will do anything and everything to pacify the supremacist and in doing so, is testifying:

The Islamic male is our superior.  

Thank you for not blowing us up.   When you do blow us up, we will tell the people it wasn't you who did it and we had it coming, anyway, from colonial days or a war from 1,000 years ago.  

We will even call the freedom fighters public names:  "racist, right wing, xenophobe, islamophobe, traitor, hateful, irrational" and threaten their freedom. 

We will block internet that tells the truth about Islam.  

What else can we do to bow to you?

here is wisdom:  Stop a racist with a magic hitler salute of the arm!  

I thought the video was a joke; it is not.  

Stay tuned.  Each day brings a new story of Islamic supremacy violence, and European dhimmitude.  

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